From the morbid news department, there’s an AP headline Sunday entitled Hundreds of baby penguins found dead in Brazil.

The speculative reasons for this unusually large tide of dead penguin bodies are overfishing, pollution, global warming, or some combination of the three. Poor little penguins. They are helpless casualties in the fates of climate change.

I know it’s wrong of me to love a cute animal more than a fugly one, but come on, you know I cried during March of the Penguins just like everyone else. Morgan Freeman can melt any heart with that voice. Am I made of steel?

This news made me think of this song from a one off band called the Valley of the Giants. The song is called “Whaling Tale,” and it’s a straight monologue from an antarctic seaman about the story of a little penguin who wandered into the sights of a group of whalers. It’s a little vignette oddly placed in an album of mostly instrumental music, but I always thought it was so affecting. Good story, good storytelling, good voice, good musical backdrop, and a finish that vacuum pumps the existential void. Just listen:

The penguins are all washed up. C’est la vie.

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