More mixins than an Amy’s Ice Cream

I made another mix thing:

First I pick the artists. Then I pick the songs. Then I mix the sounds. Sometimes the results work in unplanned ways.

Burning Star Core + Beauty Hunter =

I have a good feeling about this one. His new album Challenger casts the scent of “best of”. This song sears down its center.

Helena Espvall & Masaki Batoh + Zeranium =

Cellist from Espers and guitarist from Ghost. I just realized they both hail from bands of otherworldy creatures. How appropriate. The put me to sleep and roused me awake again at Terrastock 7. I was drawn from the back of the room to the stage. Sounds as a warming filter looks.

Tetuzi Akiyama + She’s a B-Girl =

Sounds like the high-speed frozen-motion still of a water balloon bursting. Such a pretty thing.

Pumice + Brownbrownbrown =

With thanks to Jannon for turning me onto her favorite band of 2007. They’re part of that whole New Zealand noise thing, but in an offpop way.

Nels Cline Singers + He Still Carries A Torch For Her =

Nels Cline performed this song at Stubbs last Sunday, with Devon Hoff on upright bass and Scott Amendola on drums. I thought the show and the song were outstanding. A gut scraping ulcer of a song. He rocked on his black booted heels while peeling this one out. And when it was over, he came to the mic to say “that one is called he still carries a torch for her.” Indeed he does. It sounded like knives.

Loren Connors + Come On In My Kitchen =

A 1976 recording of a Robert Johnson cover. Sounds nothing like the blues and everything like the blues. From an essential rarities collection called Night Through, with items you never had a prayer of obtaining even during the first limited release. Obscure split 7″ records with the likes of Roy Montgomery, Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore, from 500 print runs. A song from his mother, Mary Mazzacane. A thirty year evolution of his sound. Precious precious precious.

Matmos + Action at a Distance =

I had this song on my mind after digging out a waay old Matmos album The West, my first of theirs. I thought the sound would be right here, and then the words were too.
Tall Firs + The Woods =

Glad to finally have a mix home for this, the only memorable song by this band. Sounds like Fangorn.

Lichens + Sighns =

This is how Loren Connors sounds now. Whenever I hear solo electric in this style, I hear my 9th grade English teacher pronouncing, “Waaafting. The odor waaafted down the hallway.”

Suishou No Fune + Till We Meet Again =

A short little number at sixteen minutes. The word “epic” gets tossed around a lot these days. A few recordings will actually deliver.
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