An inspirational message for stupid cunts everywhere

This little gem comes to me from my cuntacular net friend Keri. The original site is down, but I managed to clipmark it before the surge:

“We receive a lot of hate email here at Feministing, and this one was too good not to share.

‘Men are better than women look at the comparison in IQ men are scientifically proven to have a higher IQ by roughly 5 points, or 5% you cannot dispute science sorry and if you want a much better website than your shitty one you might want to go to [redacted]. I think you would gain a lot more knowledge from that website and you might learn about the truth that way you would not be so stupid and ignorant you stupid cunts.’

Apparently that extra five percent doesn’t help prevent run-on sentences.

You would also think that those extra brain power percentage points would stop a dude from sending harassing emails from his school email address. Because then we wouldn’t know that our charming admirer is the public relations officer (yes, public relations) of the Southern Illinois University College Republicans, Alex Kochno. I think I’ll stick with my stupid cunt lady brain, thanks very much.”

Bravo, Alex Kochno. You’ve managed to entertain and delight a couple hundred feminists while simultaneously legitimizing their cause! Maybe if I had a big male brain I could be doubly counterproductive too.

This presents a golden opportunity to talk about so many recent news items and experiences I’ve encountered on the topic of the gender wars. Just look at the letter. One has to wonder what moves this little republipig to take the time to send something so vicious. Is it backlash against perceived attacks on his values? Is it twisted emasculation fears? Is it hate? I’d say he’s just a troll, but trolls know better than to use their own email address.

I guess the most important feature of this letter to me is that he takes such satisfaction in belittling us stupid cunts. It’s one thing to assert female inferiority, it’s another thing to do so with glee. There’s a recent NYT blog post on “Misogyny vs. Sexism” that asks the question of whether the two can be separated. When we read articles like that describing acid attacks and stoning victims in those other sexist countries, we all get it: those backwards foreigners really hate women, with a ferocity that is hard to understand.

And yet we lack the awareness to turn the same scrutiny to our own culture. When Maxim runs pieces like “Get grossed out by the five unsexiest women alive” and the interwebs explode with cries of “Yeah, what an ugly bitch!” instead of cries of outrage, it smacks of the same stupefying hate that we decry everywhere else. That’s right, I’m drawing a parallel between literally stoning to death and symbolically stoning to death undeserving female victims; they are two points on the same trajectory.

And Sarah Jessica Parker did not deserve this culturally sanctioned hit piece, no matter what anyone says. No women’s magazine would dissect every physical feature of an average working actor. On the contrary, all the articles are about correcting their own appearance to avoid becoming target practice for the likes of Maxim and their readers! Parker is a beautiful woman who has never said anything to invite spontaneous criticism, but that’s besides the point. She wears what she was born with. What’s next Maxim? Get grossed out by the five unsexiest cleft palates? Look and barf at these mastectomy mamas? These are morally equivalent lists.

Granted, a rag like Maxim is written to appeal to human trash anyway: guys who read Maxim, measure female worth on a 10-point hotness scale, think warthogging is really cool, love to say “I’d hit it with a brown bag over her head,” and generally epitomize the lowest dregs of humanity. But Maxim is just an amplification of the pervasive objectification and brutal dehumanization of women in our culture. We accept it as common for people to delight in making women feel ugly, stupid, and worthless. It’s emotional and sociological terrorism.

I have so much more to say about this topic, but it’s time for all good little cunts to go to sleep.


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  1. johnnypeepers on

    Great post. I agree with your analysis of the typical Max-cum reader. I think there are nefarious cultural/gender weapons that intentionally seek to brainwash people. Misogynist porn videos litter the Internet. The filth purveyors cannot be profiting by giving away their “product.” I think it is an intentional campaign designed to bombard men with the belief that women are objects who enjoy torturous and belittling sex. The goal is to sow division and chaos between men and women.

  2. j white on

    Sex in the city -what was that show selling?
    cosmo magazine I love it lets see more girls dressing. Internet porn,brit,paris and the # 1 queen of the fems anna nicole!
    Love that womans movement and that they have the brain and the choice to shake and sell it yum!!
    keep it up we want more of this freedom!!!!!

  3. Ned Raggett on

    Ah, Mr. Kochno’s cousin, I presume.

  4. John on

    I am not a huge fan of western women in general primarily because most of them dont respond well to intelligence.I went to USC the University of Stupid Cunts and thought those sorority bitches were pathetic. Like you know, like oh my God….etc.
    If you are a man in America who hates women because they don’t have any brains and respond to intelligence as if being smart isn’t cool,then you should move to Asia.Not that Asian women are any smarter, but it’s still one of the few places left in the world where men are the ones that choose.

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