Today I found myself browsing, a depressing collection of articles on getting things done. No it’s not new, and yes I’ve been subscribed to the feed forever, but as I am not a fan of the productivity maximizing strategies described there I’ve not had time to look at it until now. :)

I say depressing because the first three related articles I see are “Conquer Time Wasters,” “11 Tips for Nuking Laziness,” and my favorite, “Determine Never to Be Idle.” Why do you hate relaxation, lifehack? I hate to throw a kink in your mission statement, but laziness is good. If you are reading this on a personal computer, then you enjoy the richest standard of living at the most technologically sophisticated moment in human history with the greatest opportunity for leisure. I say roll with it. Or better yet, roll over and go back to sleep.

Then I go on to read that ideally, you should schedule 5-6 meals per day spaced out at equidistant points in time in order to maintain steady blood sugar. My reaction to this is: Are you insane? I take my food like I drop my logs: in reaction to spontaneous bodily signals. Granted, I have a preference for flexibility in all things, but even for those who run a tighter ship, this strikes me as extreme.

Here’s the root of my problem with sites like lifehack. They perpetuate the worship of efficiency, to the detriment of balance. People are sloppy creatures, not high performance engines to be tweaked and tuned for maximum results. How long can you burn the candle at both ends before you burnout altogether?

We did not evolve to be high precision temporal slaves. Time itself is a modern concept. We didn’t have watches for most of human history, and now you want me to eat every 1.6 hours and sleep for 8-8.5? Get real.

I’d rather be happy than effective.

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