Austin Texas: Stinking Hellhole of Sin

Finally got wind of this video. It grows in funny with each viewing:

I know, I know, it’s so easy — and some would say unfair — to laugh at these nutty religious rants, but this sample is just so exemplary in its comedic elements that I think it rises to the top. It’s the creme de la crazy! It’s like she spouted fragments of stuff she’s heard on AM radio but couldn’t pull it together into a coherent rant. She’s got the closer down — stinking hellhole of sin really catches the ears — but the stuff leading up to it just don’t wash. And I can’t figure out if that bobblehead dude in the background is in full agreement or is on the verge of cracking up. Either way, his contribution to the funny is key.

I love how she sets up the intellectuals as the obvious enemy, and I love even more how the commenters on this video are all surprised by it. Don’t they know there’s a culture war going on? The other side does. Intellectual is commonly accepted code language for “educated liberal nogoodnik.” And her reference to that old open-to-everybody hippie stuff is code language for “god hates fags.”

Earth to crazy lady: Jesus thinks you’re an intolerant bore. If you want to shut down a stinking hole of vile putrification, close your mouth.

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