Jammin 105.9 FM on this Christmas day


In general, you can expect to hear a solid block of Christmas music on the radio today. Even NPR bows in to this tide of obligatory holiday programming. And yet, I noticed while driving around deserted Austin roads this morning that there is one holdout on the FM dial. The greatest radio station ever: Jammin’ 105.9.

While other stations take a more traditional approach to Christmas day, Jammin’ 105.9 continues to give us a steady stream of Paula Abdul, New Kids on the Block, and pre-jiggy era rap straight through the anniversary of the birth of our Lord. Cause nothing says yuletide to me like C+C Music Factory, Real McCoy, Positive K, and other one hit dance wonders of the 80’s and 90’s. I love the Jam! It’s like a party in my car®!

Please don’t mistake this post for irony. My love for 105.9 is pure, as Crystal Waters would say.

Sample a taste of radio gold by viewing the following advertisement:

The running man dance pictured above really just says everything you need to know about this fine radio station.

Join the craze.

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